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27-02-2014: Update

Upload a picture to the media section showing new UI stuff.

14-02-2014: Nextspace, Santa Cruz

I have started doing my work from Nextspace, a cool coworking space in downtown Santa Cruz. Here is a nice video.

30-01-2014: back to work!

Work permit has just arrived.

28-11-2013: GSO & Offleash mentioned in german c't magazine article.

08-09-2013: a small interruption.

I moved to the US with my wife for one year.
I have my visa finally, but I still need a work permit to be allowed to continue working on GSO.

30-05.2013: funding through nordmedia

Offleash Games received funding for Grand Space Opera through the German nordmedia GmbH. Hurray!

21-02-2013: update

What has happened since last year: I intended to move to the US with my partner, but ran into visa problems. That took some time anyway, and I still had to move to a new appartment. However, GSO did make some progress: created drop ships, fighter wings and basic ship classes for another faction, the Iridiani. added some test-sounds to the game. What a difference! Now I only have to find some effects I can actually use. Not pleased with what I found so far. music research was more successful: provides really good things. fighter wing gameplay is coming along nicely. Watching your boys doing their job protecting the fleet from torpedoes is fun. created the most common items for the game. Inventory gained a lot of functionality and robustness. did the first playtestings with friends - happy results! made some nicer planets, including special variants for the solar system. Website update! Upcoming todos: fleet orders - this time for real ;) add encounter startup & aftermath panels. add basic combat sound effects. upload a gameplay video.

28-09-2012: website launch

Finally, I got around to launch the website! For those who know me working on this game for quite some time (uhh... 2009 ?), and are interested, let me tell you what I have been doing all the time: for a long time I was just plain unhappy with very basic parts of the game design - targeting system, camera perspective and world map topology to name a few. Unfortunately, before you nail these things it is very difficult to actually stabilize anything about the game. And I wasted a lot of time trying to so anyway - which was just plain stupid in hindsight. Eventually in mid 2011 these things fell into place, I came up with solutions that I felt comfortable with. Then in winter 2011/12 I took a break from the project to refinance myself, and since May 2012 I have resumed working on GSO. There are still some unknowns, where it is difficult for me to estimate how long those will take. Currently I am focussing on creating a minimum playable version. The next step is completing a block of features which resolves to a “combat system alpha 2” milestone. The most important parts will be to finalize the fleet interface and to add fighter wings, battleships and carriers.

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